Harlan, A. | Eternity – Game

First prototype for a mixed media, non-linear, interactive narrative, from the Experiments in Interactivity I class at USC’s School of Cinematic Arts.
After creating a short film narrative (click here to watch it), we were asked to explore the possibilities of multiple interwoven story-threads.In this short prototype, I chose to expand the world of the short film cited above. The gameplay video ends as we’re about to start the third act of the experience, when you get to watch the short film as it happened from a different perspective.
This was done during my first semester at the Interactive Media MFA Program, and so my programming knowledge was still very minimal. I chose to use HTML5 and Hype to create this prototype, but I’m hoping to get back to it at some point, and use Unity for the next iteration.
As for the art style, I am a huge fan of collage artist and painter Richard Hamilton. Not so long ago I came across the Internet Archive Book Images, which has over 14 million images from 2 million public domain eBooks that span over 500 years of content. I love the idea of creating mixed-media experiences, and remixing all this amazing public domain content that otherwise gets lots in time. What you see in the interactive piece is a combination of many pictures found in this archive, brought to life through Photoshop and After Effects.

Photoshop, After Effects, Hype/HTML5
March 2016